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Welcome Back to Winter 2020/2021

02/04/2021POSTED BY Admin Baca

Welcome Back to Winter 2020/2021

BACA winter 2020/2021 season is resuming from Feb 6, 2021(Saturday). We will only be conducting the league games and the trophies would be for champions and Runners up for each GROUP only and we are eliminating winter 2020/2021 Play-offs. 

As Per BACA health and well-being for each player and cricket community must be a priority for everyone. Cricket is not a contact sport, however, the cricket ball will be a potential contact between the players, there are rules established by ICC to follow. If any of the team members are feeling sick or not comfortable playing due to the concerns of Covid-19 please make sure that the player is isolated and should not be on the ground in any condition. Please follow the safety precautions. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to the BACA working committee for any further questions and concerns. Please continue practicing social distancing and be safe in this Heath Emergency Situation.

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